As a child I began sewing with my Grandmother and Mother. This began a lifelong love of fiber. Knitted works are a staple to my wearable art line. Knitting has become a bit of an addiction for me. Scarves, cowls and shawls are my favorites. I often incorporate my dyed silk to the multiple yarns I use and the results are beautifully unique.
I have worked in the ancient Oriental techniques of shibori, which involves wrapping, stitching and pleating fabric in certain and specific ways before hand dyeing it. Two of my most popular designs are the simple and classic silk scarf and the versatile ruana wrap.
I have also been knitting copper and sterling silver wire to create jewelry. Combining my love of knitting and my love of jewelry has been very satisfying and extremely well received by my patrons.

The southwestern United States has had a significant impact on my composition and design work. The rich and glorious palate of the landscape and open sky of New Mexico have been particularly inspiring. I hope that people who view and wear my work will sense the Navajo advice that I incorporate in all of my pieces - “Walk in the Beauty Way.